Clement & Esther East Malaita 18 18 (2)


Photos: College property, College staff, 2016 graduates, 2017 students, raising pigs microenterprise.

The Solomon Islands INC School of Ministries more commonly known as the Balasuna Bible College is in session again having commenced in early May. There are 24 students this year coming from different islands and provinces from the Solomon Islands who will be trained over a 4 month period for pastoral ministry under the leadership of Principals Pastor Leonard & Elizabeth Letana with the help of Pastor Frank Styles from Australia.

 Since 1989, many pastors from the South Pacific nations have been trained as pastors of Christian Outreach Centre and the International Network of Churches.  The college had to close down from 1999-2005 because of civil unrest but opened again in 2005 and has been training pastors from the Solomon Islands since then. The bulk of the lecturing is carried out by pastors from Australia who pay their way and give their time to bless and impart to the future pastors. Financial support, printed materials and fund-raising projects also come mostly from Australian churches and church members and we are grateful for whatever support we get.


 If you would like to give to this ministry, please use the following details:-

  • Missions
  • BSB 704 024
  • A/C No. 01 00 00348
  • Ref: Balasuna

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